I took mr23's procedure for adding "Shutdown" and "Terminal" buttons to the Options menu and added new button graphics to the mix.

(1) Get new button files
The button graphics are at http://www.demark.org/audrey/btns . Get there and download them. They are:

Eventually, I will have an FTP server where I can serve these files directly from, so users can FTP directly from the Audrey. However, for now, you'll have to download them to a local box and run your own FTP server to transfer the files to Audrey - that is unless someone is willing to host the files on an FTP server??
(2) Start a shell

Fire up the browser and go to "http://localhost/shell.shtml?pterm"

(3) In the shell, type "cd /kojak/img/eng/config" (without quotes)

(4) From there FTP to your box and download the four files: 


(5) Then, type "vi /kojak/SystemPanel.init" to edit the System Panel config.

*** NOTE ***
This section dealing with the removal of three buttons is purely OPTIONAL.
You can leave the configuration the way it is and the SystemPanel will expand (via a scroll bar)
to fit the number of buttons defined. If you do not want to remove the buttons, skip to ADD BUTTONS below.
*** NOTE ***
Personally, I don't feel that I need the "Printer", "Password", and "Credit Card" buttons. So, to disable them, the config lines must be commented out with a octothorp (AKA - "pound", the '#' character). Use the cursor keys to go to the lines that begin:

For each line, hit the following keys in order:

<i>                   # Puts you into insert mode
<shift>-<3>           # Adds the '#' character to where the cursor is
<snap shot>           # Takes you out of insert mode


Then, go to the line that reads:

#end of list

And type the following:

<O>                   # That capital letter 'O' - enter Open Mode in a new line above current line
<snap shot>           # Exit open mode
<:>                   # Preface to command
<w>                   # will tell vi to write the buffer
<q>                   # will tell vi to quit
<enter>               # will have vi actually execute the two previous commands

Now, if you hit the "Action" button and select "Audrey Options", you should have two new buttons.